Banbridge Nursery School


How We Learn

At Banbridge Nursery School we recognise that play is an effective and valuable approach to learning and, to that end, we place great emphasis on the provision of good quality structured play situations which allow the children to learn without experiencing a sense of failure. 


"It is only when the curriculum evolves from the needs of the children that it can be viewed as being effective in promoting learning."

 - Nursery Education Guidelines "The Curriculum”, NICC 1989


 "Play is the highest level of development. It is the spontaneous expression of thought and feeling. Play is never trivial - it is serious and clearly significant."  - Froebel (1782 - 1852)


 “Play is the medium through which children explore, assimilate, order and create.  It is the language of childhood.  Play is an essential tool and life experience for personal integration and self-knowledge as well as for social integration and an understanding of what it is to be human”    

Early Years Educator 2001