Banbridge Nursery School


Board of Governors

The school is managed by a Board of Governors which is responsible for the management of all aspects of school life. The members are:


Ms Jennifer Beckett Chairperson
Mr Alister Hill Vice Chairperson
Mr Jason Moles
Designated Governor, Child Protection
Mrs Sarah Kerrigan Governor
Mrs Lorraine Carson Governor
Mrs Caroline O'Shaughnessy
Parent Governor
Mrs Heather Wilson Parent Governor
Teachers' Representative (vacant post)
Mrs Kerry Porter Secretary


The Governors are ultimately responsible for the overall management of the school. Some of their duties include:

  1. The control of the budget.
  2. The oversight of the curriculum
  3. The provision of information to parents.
  4. The selection of staff.
  5. The maintenance of the premises (shared responsibility with the EANI).
  6. The Admissions policy.
  7. Fostering links with the local community and pursuing the objectives of mutual understanding.

Membership of the Board of Governors is entirely voluntary and demands quite a degree of commitment over a four year period.  Many of our governors have served more than one term.  Governors are required to meet at least once a term, but, in practice, meet more frequently.


Annual Governors' Report 2019-20