Banbridge Nursery School


School Wear

We encourage the children to become increasingly independent and have provided a 'uniform' which is easy for them to manage by themselves - eg. no buttons, belts, ties. 

School uniform is not compulsory. We would advise you to dress the children comfortably and in something they can 'work' in.  Please do not expect them to come home clean!  They will be very busy in school.

In line with our Health and Safety policy:

  • all children must wear only velcro trainers 
  • no jewellery other than stud earrings may be worn to school
  • short coats only to school every day - no belts, toggles or ties please.

 The school has the following items for sale:

  • a sweatshirt (royal, red, navy or green) @ £10
  • a polo shirt (yellow or red) @ £8
  • jogging bottoms (navy) @ £8
  • a waterproof jacket with hood @ £17

These items are in stock throughout the year.

Please speak to Anne in the office.