Banbridge Nursery School


Daily Timetable


The play areas are open plan and all children have access to the areas throughout the day, according to the following timetable:


   8.45am    The children are welcomed and indoor activities begin.
Snack is available for the children from 8.45 – 10.20am

All areas both indoors and outdoors are available to all the children who may choose activities in the classroom, playroom
or outdoors (only extreme weather conditions will restrict access to the outdoors area,i.e. frost, heavy rain, gales).

11.15-11.25am The children tidy up.
11.25-11.50am The classes have discussion/circle time/Music /Movement /Story time.
11.50am-12.00pm The children and staff prepare for lunch.
12.00-12.35pm Lunch is served.
12.35-12.50pm Quiet Room Activities.

After Dinner Activities

Children can be collected from the classroom from 1.05pm. Throughout the week, teachers and parents will take this opportunity to share news about the children.

On Fridays, children will be collected from the Quiet Room at home time.