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Streamvale farm trip

A beautiful, sunny week in BNS!

Week beginning 22nd April 

This week was gardening week and the boys and girls and our lovely parent volunteers have helped transform our school garden and made it beautiful again! Thank you again to everyone for their help :-)

Back to school fun after the Easter holidays 

Easter Celebrations

What fun we had before the Easter holidays! We painted eggs as we had intended to have an Easter egg rolling competition on the last day of school but the weather was too poor! We had an Easter disco and a surprise visit from the Easter bunny. We hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

Week beginning 19th March 2024

Another busy week. We enjoyed visits from Bert the police officer, as well as Alice’s mummy who taught us some French and Florence’s mummy who came to share some favourite stories with us. Despite the very changeable weather, we enjoyed long periods of time outside every day. Miss Thompson made a tyre swing for the girls and boys and this was a big hit!

Following on from the interest shown in floating and sinking last week, we were building boats from recycled materials and testing them in 5e water tray - some were more successful than others

4-8 March 2024

This week we celebrated World Book Day with a special musical morning. Ricky and Chris brought Jack and the Beanstalk to life through music and sounds and we loved every minute of this interactive session. 
We were also back in the forest on Tuesday and had another parent in to read some favourite stories.


Back to school fun after the half term holidays!

The children have all settled in very well after their half term holidays and have been busy engaging in lots of forest school fun; developing their knowledge of people who help us in the community and developing their ability to turn take with others. There has also been lots of interest in ‘fairytales’ and playing ‘schools’ and the children have enjoyed acting out these stories and roles during their play. We continue to support the development of the children’s fine motor skills and this week they have learnt how to safely use a saw to cut elder wood, a potato peeler to whittle and a hammer to hit nails appropriately. 

Making Pancakes 

Today we made pancakes for snack. Pancake Tuesday is happening next week but the children enjoyed making pizza so much for their snack a few weeks ago and asked could they make pancakes next. The children did an excellent job at helping Miss Thompson weigh the ingredients, crack the eggs, measure the milk and stir the mixture. The children loved picking their toppings and loved eating their pancake even more.  The adults in school then had a competition to see who could toss and catch the pancake the most and Miss Thompson won!

Our Trip to the post office and post box

On Wednesday 7th February we walked down to the shop to visit the post office counter. The children payed for their stamp, which now has the King’s head on it and stuck this to their envelope. We then headed outside to the post box to post our cards.

Week beginning 29th January- 2nd February 2024

This week consisted of a visit to Downshire Nursery to see Mr Hullabaloo, learning lots about birds and a visit from our forest school officer. We have also been having lots of fun playing outdoors, building circuits and lots of music was had during our music sessions on Wednesday.

Week beginning 22nd January 2024

This week, we have been busy learning about ‘birds’ and completed the ‘big bird watch’ on Friday morning.  The boys and girls have also been very busy building large and small models; developing fine motor skills their ability tear and crumple and have learnt how to use technology I.e. the iPad to take photographs and videos of their play. 

Week beginning 15th January 2024

A busy week with a visit from ‘wee critters’ on Monday, a wintery forest school session on Wednesday and today we made pizza for snack. The children have also been very busy learning about winter and the changes it brings and have enjoyed experimenting with the freezing and melting of ice and water. We have also been practicing new skills including threading and have been singing lots of our primary movement songs, which you can find on our primary movement section on our site. 

Next week brings a forest school session with our forest school field officer and an eco school challenge- ‘ the big bird watch’. 

Have a lovely weekend!

A wonderful visit from Wee Critters!

On Monday 15th January, Allan and his wee critter friends came to Banbridge nursery to help teach the boys and girls about nocturnal animals and the importance of caring for small animals and the environment. 

Back to school fun after the Christmas holidays!

Our last day of school and an exciting visit from Santa! 

Christmas Fun at BNS 2023 

Christmas is Coming

Week beginning 27th November 2023 

Week beginning 20th November 2023 

Our first school trip to Oxford Island 

On Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th  November, we headed off on the ‘big bus’ to Oxford Island. We had a fantastic time exploring the woods, building fairy houses, searching for minibeasts and swinging on the rope swing. The children also climbed along the logs and ropes, explored the different textures and artefacts the woods afford and listened very carefully to the natural sounds around us. 

Wonderful Woodland Wanderings

13-17 November 2023

Magical Musical Memories

6-10 November 2023

Happy Halloween!

Over the past few weeks, the children have been very interested in and exploring all of the different types of pumpkins you can get, the slimy pumpkin pulp and many seeds which can be found inside them.  The children have continued to express a love for outdoor learning and have enjoyed engaging in circuit based learning experiences to further develop their strength, co-ordination and balance. The arrival of our new puddle suits has enabled us to get stuck right into the mud, with lots of jumping in muddy puddles, the creation of a mud slide and painting the school grounds with mud too! The children have settled extremely well into their new school environment and we couldn't be prouder of each and everyone of them!

We hope everyone has a great half term holiday and we look forward to seeing the children again on Monday 6th November.

It’s Autumn time! 
Over the past few weeks, we have been very interested in the natural changes occurring within the environment and have been very busy raking the leaves as the autumn leaves fall down. We have also been very busy building our new outdoor sand pit; growing cress; developing our balancing skills and exploring our mud station. On Friday 13th, we finally received the puddle suits we had ordered and had lots of fun trying testing these out and jumping in some puddles Mrs Porter made with the hose! Great work boys and girls! 

September fun!

Can you believe our first full month of nursery is done! Here are a few snippets of the learning and fun that has gone on over the past two weeks, including lots of of outdoor learning, socialising and getting to know all of our friends and exploring the autumnal changes within the environment.

First weeks at Banbridge Nursery School!

What a fun couple of weeks it has been :D! The boys and girls have done an excellent job at settling into nursery school life and have been working hard to develop their independence and self-help skills to complete our daily school routines. There has been lots of investigating; building; negotiating and exploring within both the indoor and outdoor classroom environments, as well as getting to know each other along the way. We are incredibly proud of the boys and girls and look forward to another fun-filled week, full of learning and play!


What an incredible year it has been for the class of 2022-23. We are so proud of the boys and girls and each of the achievements they have made throughout their time here at Banbridge Nursey School. Each and every one of them have grown so much and we feel so privileged to have had the opportunity and pleasure to teach and work with your children everyday. We all had so many special times and how fast the year did go! Now its time to part but your boys and girls will always have a special place in our hearts.

From all of the staff at BNS ☺️❤️

Sports day, family fun day and bbq!

A visit from Mr Hullabaloo, sports and games fun and our ‘sun hats and shades’ sponsored walk! 

Another fun and busy week with a visit from our favourite storyteller, Mr Hullabaloo who told us lots of ‘summery’ stories with bobbin’ bear. On Wednesday, we had a brilliant time at Banbridge Academy with Simon who organised an energetic and fun sports and games morning. Then on Thursday, we had our sponsored walk to Solitude park in Banbridge. It was beautiful, sunny day and the boys and girls walked very safely to the park. We had lots of fun engaging in a Solitude park ‘scavenger hunt’ and enjoyed our packed lunch. Thank you to everyone for your help, support and donations this week. Have a lovely weekend! 

Eco Schools Green flag award 2033

On Wednesday 8th June, we received our Eco Schools green flag award! Miss Thompson and a few pupils were able to attend the ceremony for the ABC Council area and are absolutely delighted to have achieved this. We couldn’t have done so without the pupils hard work and dedication to look after our school environment and without the support from our school community. Well done everyone! 

Our last school trip to Streamvale farm!

On Wednesday 31st May, we went on a school trip to sunny Streamvale farm. We got on the bus and headed to Belfast to see all of the different types of farm animals, including, sheep, rabbits, horses, ducks and chickens. We got to feed several of the animals and even went on a tractor ride! It was a fabulous day and the boys and girls listened so well to the guides. Thank you to all of our parent and grandparent helpers for your help. 

Eco Schools Green day 

Thursday 25th May was green day in Banbridge Nursery School and this involved wearing green and being GREEN.  We completed several green actions by planting sunflower seeds, picking up litter around the school community and playing outside all day, with all unnecessary lights switched off inside. We also went up the hill to the grass pitch and woods for our snack, had a story and even took a few minutes to use our senses to look and listen to all of the natural sounds and environment around us.  It was so much fun playing outside all day in the sun! 

Spruce up Saturday 

 Thank you so much to our pupils and families for coming in on Saturday 20th May to help tidy up, paint our fences and mud kitchen and to wash our toys and playground surfaces. We really appreciate it !