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A Mile A Day

from Monday 7th June, we took part in our sponsored mile a day walk around the school grounds. Each day our walk had a different theme including a musical walk with instruments, a teddy bear walk and even a crazy dress up walk. We also incorporated some running along the athletics tracks, as well as a walk through the woods. On Friday we dressed up in our craziest of clothes and completed our final walk and even got a tasty ice cream treat to celebrate. Well done boys and girls!


The Big Spring Clean!

On Friday 30th April, we carried out our big spring clean event around our school grounds and surrounding community area. The children are excellent at picking litter up around our school environment, so much so that there’s no more litter to pick up, therefore, we extended our search and the children were able to find lots of litter to pick up to help look after our environment. Well done everyone


30 APRIL 2021

Easter fun at Banbridge Nursery School!


On Friday, we had an eggcellent time eggsploring everything egg! We completed lots of egg themed activities including creating chocolate easter nests, eggineering easter egg baskets and decorating hard boiled eggs. We also had a 'cracking time' eggsploring different types of eggs and deciding if they were cooked or raw. What brilliant, exploratory fun! 





Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, 

Welcome to the BNS Christmas Concert 2020.

Enjoy the show!

Funky Kids’ Football with Paul Evans,

Ryan and Curtis

Santa Claus is Coming to Town! 

Woodland Animal Safari & Teddy Bears' Picnic

Fun with Pudsey Bear for Children in Need

13th November 2020

£540 RAISED!!!

Pumpkins, fireworks and Hallowe'en fun!

Trikes and Scooters 

(and some other physical development fun)

Harvest Celebrations 

Look at Us!

Paper Plate Portraits

Week 6

Week 5

Apple Crumble - YUM!

Apples (and other fruit & veg & fun things)!

Week 4

Settling in!

Week 3: Outdoor Play



Week 2: bottle printing

(and a little bit of outdoor fun)


Week 1