Banbridge Nursery School


Parent Partnerships

Screen Time Studies

This year we have been working with our families to learn more about the ways in which technology, specifically screens, are used in the home. We have been interested to learn about when, how, where and for how long our parents and children are spending time in front of screens each day. We believe that by working WITH our parents to get a picture of "screen time", we will be able to identify any gaps in learning and development that need to be addressed in other ways.

We appreciate that screens are, and will continue to be, a huge part of our working and leisure lives but we are very keen that the benefits continue to outweigh the negatives by ensuring that we all understand and work towards establishing a good balance of sociable and active learning opportunities and experiences and an appropriate amount of supervised, high quality screen time.

Soon we will be publishing a report on the use of screens by our pre-school children. This information was gathered by means of a simple questionnaire and a more detailed survey completed by many of our families. We appreciate their interest and support in this.


In the meantime, here are some excerpts from articles and a list of links for further information about the impact of screen time on development and alternatives to screen time that will ensure more holistic and effective learning and development.


We hope you find these useful.