School Meals

School lunches are freshly cooked each day in our school meals kitchen.  Our cook is Jenny and she is assisted by Gail.


A main meal is served in the middle of the day (11.45am) in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.  Lunch is served by the teachers and nursery assistants who sit and eat with small groups of children in the main classroom.  The children are able to choose what they have to eat and are encouraged to try new foods.  In keeping with our healthy eating policy, fresh fruit is on offer daily along with a dessert such as ice cream, gingerbread, shortbread, custard and fruit etc. 

In the second and third terms parents are invited to join the children for lunch on selected dates.  Wach out for more news of this in the monthly newsletters.



If your child has particular dietary requirements related to a medical condition, eg diabetes, specific allergies, lactose intolerance etc, these can be catered for.  Please inform the principal of such conditions at the time of admission or before, if possible.


Menu for September 2018

Menu for October 2018

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